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Global Outreach / Local Relevance

Working in the field of Addiction is not an easy task. NECPAM has members from over 20 countries to
support and empower you wherever you are. Together with the support of the World Health
Organisation, we are building a new generation of leaders in Addiction Medicine.

Be Seen


NECPAM is active and visible around the world. We attend conferences and open up opportunities for NECPAMers to present and grow their careers. We network and build relationships with key role players in our field.

Be Heard


We conduct international studies and lobby for funding. Active NECPAMers will author and publish papers together. Our current research is focused on the needs of early career addiction medicine professionals – worldwide.

Be Connected


As a NECPAMer you will have the invaluable opportunity to receive and share knowledge with peers that share your passion. We uphold the values of mutual respect, kindness and consideration for all people and their beliefs.

Our Core Values

Our global interdisciplinary network aims to strengthen leadership and build capacity for
future public health and clinical practice in the field of addiction medicine.