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Who we are

Working in addiction medicine sometimes feels like walking a lonely road with
little support and encouragement. Many people starting out in the field wonder
how they can actually make a difference to the global burden of substance use

Sounds familiar? We’ve got great news to share.

In June 2017 a group of professionals from all around the world joined forces to
form a network of early-career professional working in the field of addiction

We now invite you to join us, too!

What You Will Gain

***A community of like-minded people to encourage, support and guide you***

***First hand insight into challenges and success stories from all around the world***

***An opportunity to contribute to activities that aim to strengthen leadership, build capacity

and empower early career professionals worldwide***

Our network includes academics, nurses, policy makers, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, psychologists and many others.

If you are within the first 10 years after your respective specialisation and working in addiction medicine: this network is for you.



This global interdisciplinary network aims to strengthen leadership and build capacity for future public health and clinical practice in the field of addiction medicine by establishing a platform for sharing experiences and empowering early career professionals.



Global development of a future system of prevention and treatment for disorders related to substance use and addictive behaviours through close and global co-operation between early career professionals and mentors working in the field.



Connecting, empowering and facilitating the evolution of early career professionals working in the field of addiction and related disorders worldwide. We achieve this by facilitating peer-lead research and practical initiatives at both local and international levels – working towards reducing the stigma associated with addiction and related disorders.

Current Board Members

Chair– Dr. Abhishek Ghosh (India)

Co-Chair- Dr. Tanya Calvey (South Africa)

General Secretary- Florian Scheibein (Ireland)

AFRO – Dr. Joy Onoria (Uganda)

EMR– Dr Samer Elhayek (UAE)

EUR– Dr. Roberta Testa (Italy)

SEAR– Dr Sagun Pant (Nepal)

WPR– Dr Rodrigo Ramalho (New Zealand)