Dear Members of the NECPAM,

I hope all of you are well in this difficult period and your work is not very much disrupted.

We would like to update you about the changes in the network’s operation. During our face-to-face/virtual meeting in June 2019, we followed the process described in our bylaws and elected new members of the board as follows:

Chair: Nirvana Morgan

Co-chair: Paolo Grandinetti

Secretary General: Noha Ahmed

Representative of AFRO region: Tanya Calvey

Representative of PAHO region: vacant

Representative of SEARO region: Sidharth Arya

Representative of EURO region: Florian Scheibein

Representative of EMRO region: Mohammed Aljneibi

Representative of WPRO region: Tomohiro Shirasaka

The new board is starting its mandate this year after the 3 month transition period which is over in March 2020.

Congratulations and best wishes to the new leadership of the NECPAM!

Sincerely yours,
Ex-chair, Dzmitry Krupchanka